Like other products manufactured by humankind, MagicJack comes with a set of flaws of it won’t ring at times and even you can’t call out using its services. But in the case of any issues, by following a proper way you can deal with them effectively. As well, you can also avail live technical support by dialing MagicJack customer service phone number to figuring out several technical issues. Take a look at top 10 most annoying causes of the issues that may encounter when MagicJack isn’t working. Here’s how you can deal with them in the most appropriate manner.

Why MagicJack Won’t Connect

  1. MagicJack device registration has failed. If you didn’t set it for auto renewal, you can’t renew it manually. At such time, go to the and try to renew your subscription by logging into your account.
  1. Internet Connection is temporarily out. If you have Internet connection issues, as it’s frequently drop down, then try to reboot your modem and router to solve the intermittent network connection problems. Even you can restart your system.
  1. Compatibility issues between MagicJack and your phone. If you’re using old AT&T corded phone device with good signals, jerry-rigged to function with RJ-11 jacks. Also, some Uniden phones didn’t work. So, try to use a different cordless or corded phone.
  1. Magic Jack’s Talk Free app may be incompatible with your Android phone. Unlike others, some Android configurations aren’t user-friendly or compatible with MagicJack. To fix the problems, either purchase a new Android smartphone or delete the app from your current phone.
  1. The MagicJack device isn’t configured to send/receive calls abruptly. After you logged into your account, click the ‘Call Features’ option to reveal advance settings. From here, choose the ‘I select to accept incoming/ outgoing service’ option from the ‘Select Service’ area. Check that the ‘Use DHCP’ is checked.
  1. Multiple devices on the same network and with the same number. Due to various reasons, if you have two or more apps or MagicJack devices set to the same number of the similar home/office network, it can conflict with both devices. To avoid that interference, MagicJack will ring as soon as, go directly to voice mail. Try to use different numbers of each device if you’re using them on the same network connection or disable all except one device.

If these solutions didn’t work and you are still unable to start with the MagicJack device, it’s highly advisable to call at the MagicJack customer support phone number and get help to quickly overcome some of the common technical issues that prevent you from using MagicJack appropriately.


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