Configuring SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) in the Cisco router is both straightforward and essential. Various installation processes have SNMP management services which keep track both computer servers and networking equipment through the SNMP protocol. Also, its information is used to display the different equipment status and notifies personnel while any problem is diagnosed through SNMP. Within a short span of time, SNMP access can be activated in the Cisco router so that SNMP management services can observe it. Check the following steps to setup SNMP in the Cisco router.

Note: – In the case of any concerns, getting help via the Cisco customer support number is the best way to solve your queries with just a single call.

Cisco customer support number

  1. First of all, sign into the Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) on the router.
  2. Access the Cisco IOS activated mode using the ‘enable’ command. Input the enable password at the prompt window.
  3. Type the ‘configure terminal’ to access the configuration mode.
  4. Turn on the SNMP access by typing the ‘snmp-server community string RO’ command in which community string is the real community string. The ‘RO (read-only) can be replaced to ‘RW’ for the read-write.
  5. Set up the Cisco router with the management stations IP address to deliver SNMP traps to by typing the ‘snmp-server host community_string’ command in which is the SNMP management station IP address and community_string is the real community string.
  6. Activate SNMP setups to be directed via the Cisco router. Type the ‘snmp-server enable traps’ command. After executing this command, SNMP traps will be automatically sent to the SNMP management station programmed in the prior step.
  7. Type the ‘Exit’ command to leave the configuration mode.
  8. Save the current SNMP configuration by typing the ‘write memory’ command.

Tips & Tactics:

There are various other SNMP commands present you can use for further customization of the SNMP configuration on your Cisco router. To get the proper documentation for the particular Cisco router, you should either check the manual description available on the site or call on the Cisco router tech support phone number to set up SNMP under the assistance and suggestions of the router experts who are willing to help you in all complicated situations.


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