MagicJack is a small device which is preferred by many people to make free phone calls in the USA and Canada. Infect the users can also make local to International phone calls with a reasonable rate. However, it’s likely to have various technical problems and error, including error 3002. This error is designed to notify the user that the Magic Jack Plus can’t connect to the Internet. Before making a call on the MagicJack customer service phone number, follow the below methods to find faults and repair them.

MagicJack Customer Service Phone Number

  1. The power of the MagicJack Plus, your router, and the modem, respectively. Wait for 10 seconds and then connect it back to. Wait 2 minutes to give time to the MagicJack to make a connection before testing the device. If it fails to fix the issue or provides you with a temporary solution, go to the next step.
  2. The built-in patch cable, which is provided to connect the MagicJack to the router, may be likely to interference with other devices. So, try to change it with a standard Ethernet cable, such as the one that connects your PC to the router or modem, and go to the step one. This way can be helpful to fix the issue of your MagicJack device.
  3. If the problem still exists, it’s apparently your internet service provider lets only a single device to connect the system physically. You can make sure that by getting in touch with ISPs.
  4. If your system is still having Error 3002, there is an issue with the MagicJack device. However, if it has never worked correctly and has not yet been listed, browse the and try to register your device. If they still can’t find the MagicJack, you will be directed to add the unit to the USB port of your system to complete the registration.
  5. If the above methods fail to fix the problem and it is still irregular, it’s suggested that you check the FAQ’s, looking for the answer to your issues.

MagicJack Customer Support Phone Number

However, if you’re not able to repair MagicJack plus error 3002, and you can’t use your device correctly, even after performing everything else, then it is time to call on the MagicJack customer support phone number.  And speak with experts to get the appropriate and handy resolutions for all sorts of issues and errors associated with MagicJack.


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