How to Fix Juno Webmail Error 691: Invalid Username and Password

When using the Juno webmail services, you might get the connection failure issues, as the member ID or the password you have entered is wrong. This problem is also known as the Error 691: Username and password incorrect. At such time, you need to input the password all in lower case letters. If the password isn’t working, check that the Caps Lock key isn’t active. If you forgot the password, ask the solution of experts just by dialing the Juno customer phone number. As many factors can cause error 691: invalid Member ID or Password, so follow the listed guidance to diagnose the cause of the error and solve them out instantly.

Fix Juno Webmail Error 691 Invalid Username and Password

  1. Check the Member ID and Password

Make sure that you’re entering the correct Juno user ID and password. Also, ensure that you have entered the password into lowercase letters. If your password isn’t accomplishing, make sure that the Caps Lock key hasn’t yet been activated. If, however, you forgot the password, then you can change it under the supervision of experts.

  1. Ensure that Juno Webmail Account has Correct Configuration

If your Juno webmail account was created correctly, the new account information should appear at the end of the confirmation screen. Additionally, if you have logged into the account successfully as earlier, it must be correct.

  1. Check that you haven’t set the password in Juno software

Do you have the program to configure to remember your Password automatically? In most cases, the password present into the Juno program may be changed. It can happen, if, for instance, you have pressed a key accidentally on the keyboard. If you’re sure that your account password is correct, remove the currently set password from the software and re-enter it. This step would solve the error if the password were changed accidentally.

  1. Make sure that the access number is correct

To make a successful login to the Juno webmail account, it’s necessary to make sure that the access number of your area is valid. When choosing the access number, it may be the area code or placed in the general geographic region rather than local numbers. You may experience extra telephone charges if you select access numbers that aren’t covered by the local calling plan.

Note: – You’re only responsible for several telephone charges associated with accessing the services. Juno will not refund you for such costs, such as toll charges or long distance.

  1. Check Juno webmail version

Do you have the new edition of Juno webmail program? If you’re unsure about the Juno version, you can seek the help of IT professionals or go to the Juno official site to know the step-by-step direction to check the version.

  1. Test the encryption settings

If you’re running the Windows 98, 2000, ME, or XP:

  • Double-click on the ‘Computer’ icon on the desktop, followed by the ‘Dial-Up Networking’ icon.
  • Click on the Juno icon to select it. Choose ‘Properties’ option from the ‘File’ menu.
  • Choose the ‘w Server Types’ tab and make sure the ‘Require encrypted password’ option is not checked. Click ‘OK,’ and then ‘OK’ again.

Get Juno Customer Support via the Phone

If you’re still facing issues with the Juno webmail account, call on the Juno support number and seek the technical assistance to solve out all problems instantly and efficiently.

Handy Ways to Troubleshoot your Canon Printer Problems

Canon is the most famous brand of printers across the world. Using the Canon printer, you can get the superior quality of printouts. However, with the regular use of it, the performance of it quickly gets exhausted.  Sometimes, you should limit the printing exceeds that can cause the problems with your printer. In the case of any complication with your Canon printer, you have no need to get bothered as the Canon printer customer support team is always available for immediate assistance. You just require making a call Canon printer customer care number to detect and deal with the difficulties in a proper manner.

Canon technical support Canada

Usually, as users suppose that the printer can only encounter the printing problems, yet, the trouble can occur at any level, which is cited belong along with the best possible solutions:

Supply Issues: Sometimes, you might face problems when you just put up the sheets in the printer without noticing whether the documents are kept fit or not. Whenever a user inserts the document, make sure that it should not be wrinkled, folded and a plain one as well.  If the sheet is scrambled, your printer will be unable to take it up, and it will be stuck. Always try to check before you give the print command. Still, if it’s not working well, the Canon customer service is right here.

Printer connection to power button: The primary step is to ensure that your printer has a regard to the power button. Check that the printer wire is connected to the right port and it’s well attached to the power button. Now, power it on and set the printer correctly on your computer to ensure that the configuration will be done. You should install the program in the system. Before giving a print command, the Canon printer should be on. Then, give a print command and take a test print.

Ink Difficulty: Just like you can’t work without eating food, in the same manner, your printer can’t print without ink. Sometimes, you forget to check the ink level in your printer and goes in print. If you don’t fill ink timely, your printer starts showing cartridges error that can cause various printer problems. To avoid that issue, you can confirm it via the control panel of the Canon software. If this process didn’t work to check the ink level, you could see it on the printing documents as the last ink will print brighter than others.

Cartridge uninstalling: Be very firm when you take off the cartridge as it can jam or show the problem. If the ink is finished or it’s not printing, take it out and shake it so that the toner gets regular in it. If it’s fine, insert it back to the printer. Even if the issue isn’t solved, call on the Canon technical support Canada and ask the solution about it. The experts will handle all your queries and problems associated with Canon printers. They are available 24*7 to rectify all printing problems and give a hassle-free solution.

5 Handy Steps to Fix MagicJack Plus Error 3002

MagicJack is a small device which is preferred by many people to make free phone calls in the USA and Canada. Infect the users can also make local to International phone calls with a reasonable rate. However, it’s likely to have various technical problems and error, including error 3002. This error is designed to notify the user that the Magic Jack Plus can’t connect to the Internet. Before making a call on the MagicJack customer service phone number, follow the below methods to find faults and repair them.

MagicJack Customer Service Phone Number

  1. The power of the MagicJack Plus, your router, and the modem, respectively. Wait for 10 seconds and then connect it back to. Wait 2 minutes to give time to the MagicJack to make a connection before testing the device. If it fails to fix the issue or provides you with a temporary solution, go to the next step.
  2. The built-in patch cable, which is provided to connect the MagicJack to the router, may be likely to interference with other devices. So, try to change it with a standard Ethernet cable, such as the one that connects your PC to the router or modem, and go to the step one. This way can be helpful to fix the issue of your MagicJack device.
  3. If the problem still exists, it’s apparently your internet service provider lets only a single device to connect the system physically. You can make sure that by getting in touch with ISPs.
  4. If your system is still having Error 3002, there is an issue with the MagicJack device. However, if it has never worked correctly and has not yet been listed, browse the and try to register your device. If they still can’t find the MagicJack, you will be directed to add the unit to the USB port of your system to complete the registration.
  5. If the above methods fail to fix the problem and it is still irregular, it’s suggested that you check the FAQ’s, looking for the answer to your issues.

MagicJack Customer Support Phone Number

However, if you’re not able to repair MagicJack plus error 3002, and you can’t use your device correctly, even after performing everything else, then it is time to call on the MagicJack customer support phone number.  And speak with experts to get the appropriate and handy resolutions for all sorts of issues and errors associated with MagicJack.

8 Easy Steps to Setup SNMP in the Cisco Router

Configuring SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) in the Cisco router is both straightforward and essential. Various installation processes have SNMP management services which keep track both computer servers and networking equipment through the SNMP protocol. Also, its information is used to display the different equipment status and notifies personnel while any problem is diagnosed through SNMP. Within a short span of time, SNMP access can be activated in the Cisco router so that SNMP management services can observe it. Check the following steps to setup SNMP in the Cisco router.

Note: – In the case of any concerns, getting help via the Cisco customer support number is the best way to solve your queries with just a single call.

Cisco customer support number

  1. First of all, sign into the Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) on the router.
  2. Access the Cisco IOS activated mode using the ‘enable’ command. Input the enable password at the prompt window.
  3. Type the ‘configure terminal’ to access the configuration mode.
  4. Turn on the SNMP access by typing the ‘snmp-server community string RO’ command in which community string is the real community string. The ‘RO (read-only) can be replaced to ‘RW’ for the read-write.
  5. Set up the Cisco router with the management stations IP address to deliver SNMP traps to by typing the ‘snmp-server host community_string’ command in which is the SNMP management station IP address and community_string is the real community string.
  6. Activate SNMP setups to be directed via the Cisco router. Type the ‘snmp-server enable traps’ command. After executing this command, SNMP traps will be automatically sent to the SNMP management station programmed in the prior step.
  7. Type the ‘Exit’ command to leave the configuration mode.
  8. Save the current SNMP configuration by typing the ‘write memory’ command.

Tips & Tactics:

There are various other SNMP commands present you can use for further customization of the SNMP configuration on your Cisco router. To get the proper documentation for the particular Cisco router, you should either check the manual description available on the site or call on the Cisco router tech support phone number to set up SNMP under the assistance and suggestions of the router experts who are willing to help you in all complicated situations.

Steps to Connect your Wireless Printer with Airport Express

Many wireless printers have an inbuilt Wi-Fi network card that lets them connect with a network which is established already. The AirPort Express is one the leading Apple router devices, which allows you to access Internet required for wireless printing. Eliminating wires and cables help you reduce clutter and the expenses related to the complex network configuration. After setting up the wireless printer, it makes easy for you to share your printer with multiple devices and computers and print your documents from anywhere within the range of the network. To make a proper wireless printer configuration with AirPort Express, follow these steps are retrieved via the Apple router tech support number.


Initial Setup

  1. First of all, make sure that your Apple router is on and has an active Internet connection to make an initial configuration.
  2. Connect your wireless printer into the electricity outlet and place it within the range of wireless network. Now, it’s necessary to connect your printer directly to the AirPort Express, so connect it using a USB cable to the wireless router. Sometimes, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect your printer to the router.
  3. Continue with the setup instructions on the configuration screen of your wireless printer. Options might be slightly different for each wireless printer. If the Internet connection has password protection, type the password in the setup procedure. You can jump to this step if your printer is directly connected to the AirPort Express.

Note: – In the case of any doubts, just contact the experts at an Apple router support number and get the necessary support.

For the Windows

  1. Download the AirPort Express Utility from the Apple’s official site at first, and then install and open it to make proper setup.
  2. Power on your wireless printer and then choose the ‘Manual Setup’ option, followed by the ‘Printer’ tab on the ‘Summary’ page.
  3. Select the wireless printer, check box. Click the ‘Update’ option and wait for the Wi-Fi network to restart. Now, you can easily connect your printer in the Print Options when you print documents.

For the Mac

  1. Click the ‘Apple’ menu, followed by the ‘System Preferences.’
  2. Choose the ‘Print & Scan’ option, and then click the ‘+’ button, followed by the ‘Add Printer or Scanner’ option.
  3. Click on the ‘Default’ tab and choose the printer from the available list. Click on the ‘Add’ button and wait for your Mac OS X to download the drivers for your printer and install them as well.

However, if the above steps didn’t work and you’re stuck on setting up your wireless printer with AirPort Express, it’s suggested to consult with IT technicians directly by calling on the Apple router tech support number and get appropriate results.

TP-Link Unveils the World’s Best Wi-Fi Systems and Routers for Home

TP-Link is a leading manufacturer of consumer and business based networking devices worldwide. The company has now introduced a new range of the best Wi-Fi systems and routers for the home usage that will help you make a modest, more pleasant, and connected life. The following is the list of introducing products along with their features and specifications. However, if you have any concerns or doubts regarding this revelation, you can consult with the IT professionals by dialing TP-link support number and get them resolved instantly.

TP link customer support phone number

TP-Link Deco Whole-Home Wi-Fi Systems

TP-Link has exposed an innovative line of Deco Whole-Home Wi-Fi Systems that fulfills the requirement of a reliable and high-speed Internet connection in the home. It’s available in two configurations, including a classic wireless solution with various Wi-Fi access points, and a kit which aids Power Line extenders.

Deco M5 Router

The Deco M5 router contains the mesh Wi-Fi technology to deliver faster and continuous connectivity everywhere throughout the home. This router is equipped with the Qualcomm Wi-Fi solutions and to provide smooth Internet connection than ever before.

Deco M5 Plus Router with Powerline

TP-Link Deco M5 Plus router is the most innovative product of this Wi-Fi routers range. This router is the first wireless router that includes both Wi-Fi and Powerline technologies, providing the robust connections for wireless devices in your home.

AC2300 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Router

AC2300 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Router is one of the best networking devices that lets you stream and video at 4K. It is mainly designed and developed to keep in mind the game players and multimedia users. They can enjoy the faster gaming with the high-speed Wave 2 Wi-Fi technology. It includes the best Wi-Fi band to improve performance and can broadcast the signals on multiple devices simultaneously. If you have many Wi-Fi users, you can allocate the different level of bandwidth to individual devices and prioritize them that you think should get the maximum bandwidth.

RE650 AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender

TP-Link RE650 AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender spreads out the robust Wi-Fi signal throughout your home by eradicating drop out areas, dead zones and spotty signals. One of the most innovative features of this RE650 Extender is that it operates flawlessly with any Wi-Fi router, modem router or access point to improve and extend wireless signal and performance to all Internet-integrated devices in your home.


Besides, that innovative networking types of equipment, TP-Link products list also includes different models of IP cameras, wireless adapters, ADSL, power banks, switches, media converters, print servers, power line adapters, wireless routers, range extenders, etc.  However, if you find any difficulties while using the TP-Link router, you can get the quick solutions from experts by contacting TP-link Router service number.

10 Useful Steps to Configure a Cisco Wireless Router

Configuring a Cisco wireless router may not be a problematic process if you have a bit of technical knowledge and computer experience. The smaller routers include the GUI setup programs. In this tutorial, you will be able to know that how to configure Cisco routers using the terminal window. Windows 7 or Vista users can use the open-source Putty or Tera Term; Windows XP users can use HyperTerminal, and Linux users can use Minicom. To configure a wireless Cisco router successfully, take a look at these steps:

Cisco tech support phone number

  1. Make sure what kind of network, VPN or WAN you want to set up. Collect IP addresses, subnet mask, the network protocol, and the gateway address that may be required for correct router setup, and note the information down.
  2. Connect your Cisco router and the PC altogether using the cable. Start your computer.
  3. Go to the Start | Programs | Accessories | Communications | Hyperterminal and navigate it if you’re using Windows XP. For other operating systems, navigate to the correct Hyperterminal emulation program.
  4. Make a new connection by specifying it Cisco and usage the default Com 1 Port and set the baud rate to 9600. This is done by filling out the right fields that display.
  5. Click the ‘OK’ button. In the router console window, when you power on the router, boot up screen will be displayed. It’s a setup mode that can be used to configure your router or proceed to the router configuration with a terminal window.
  6. Type n and then press the ‘Enter’ button to use the terminal window interface. Now you will see a window with router listed. This is user modem that will not let you make any changes. If you have assigned a router name earlier, it will be displayed.
  7. Input the enable and click ‘Enter.’ Now, you will see router#, which means that you’re in privileged mode, yet, you can see info in this mode. You can’t change the router working, or the information exists here.
  8. Enter the ‘configure terminal’ and then press the ‘Enter’ button. It will show you the router (config) # screen. It is a Global Configuration mode that you can use to change the information the router works with.
  9. Input ‘?’ (Without quotes) at the prompt and a command, the list will be displayed. Type the command name and a description of appearing it. The first command entered should appear ‘?’, it will show a list of commands, including ARP and IP protocols.
  10. Now, you need to enter commands at the point of configuring different interface aspects between the router and its modules.

 It is beyond the possibility to discover all possible network settings and their configurations. Ctrl + Z will allow and save all changes of settings you have made and also will go to privileged mode. If you don’t click Ctrl + Z, your changes will not be saved. However, if you have any queries or problems regarding the Cisco router configuration, you can contact the experts at the Cisco router tech support phone number and seek the further assistance.

Top 6 Annoying Causes Why MagicJack Won’t Connect

Like other products manufactured by humankind, MagicJack comes with a set of flaws of it won’t ring at times and even you can’t call out using its services. But in the case of any issues, by following a proper way you can deal with them effectively. As well, you can also avail live technical support by dialing MagicJack customer service phone number to figuring out several technical issues. Take a look at top 10 most annoying causes of the issues that may encounter when MagicJack isn’t working. Here’s how you can deal with them in the most appropriate manner.

Why MagicJack Won’t Connect

  1. MagicJack device registration has failed. If you didn’t set it for auto renewal, you can’t renew it manually. At such time, go to the and try to renew your subscription by logging into your account.
  1. Internet Connection is temporarily out. If you have Internet connection issues, as it’s frequently drop down, then try to reboot your modem and router to solve the intermittent network connection problems. Even you can restart your system.
  1. Compatibility issues between MagicJack and your phone. If you’re using old AT&T corded phone device with good signals, jerry-rigged to function with RJ-11 jacks. Also, some Uniden phones didn’t work. So, try to use a different cordless or corded phone.
  1. Magic Jack’s Talk Free app may be incompatible with your Android phone. Unlike others, some Android configurations aren’t user-friendly or compatible with MagicJack. To fix the problems, either purchase a new Android smartphone or delete the app from your current phone.
  1. The MagicJack device isn’t configured to send/receive calls abruptly. After you logged into your account, click the ‘Call Features’ option to reveal advance settings. From here, choose the ‘I select to accept incoming/ outgoing service’ option from the ‘Select Service’ area. Check that the ‘Use DHCP’ is checked.
  1. Multiple devices on the same network and with the same number. Due to various reasons, if you have two or more apps or MagicJack devices set to the same number of the similar home/office network, it can conflict with both devices. To avoid that interference, MagicJack will ring as soon as, go directly to voice mail. Try to use different numbers of each device if you’re using them on the same network connection or disable all except one device.

If these solutions didn’t work and you are still unable to start with the MagicJack device, it’s highly advisable to call at the MagicJack customer support phone number and get help to quickly overcome some of the common technical issues that prevent you from using MagicJack appropriately.

Top 3 Problems of Canon Printer and their Solutions

Though they’re very reliable to use in this most demanding of printing environments, printers are still problematic for users when using them. While using the Canon printer, you still need to get the help of IT professionals, which are available at the Canon customer care number, to solve out the different printing problems. From the ubiquitous paper jam to the double struck and print not clear, the following guide allows you to troubleshoot your printer to deal with these problems in an effective manner. Here’s how to do:

canon customer care

  1. Paper jams

One of the most common issues frequently occur with any of the printers are paper jams. A printer will jam due to various causes, as it’s dirty, you have used the incorrect paper type, or the printer’s rollers that feed the paper via its pathway are being damaged. You can fix the issues by cleaning your printer and using the correct paper type. Though, the roller replacement process might be difficult depending on the printer’s model. Despite the cause, while you remove the paper ham, always extract the paper in the paper path direction. Otherwise, it can damage your printer.

  1. Double Struck Letters

 Attached to the toner cartridge in your Canon printer are print heads that manage how and where the ink is dropped on printouts. When printing a colored page, it will require passing on the page many times to smudge each color individually. If you have aligned print heads vertically or horizontally, but still, it prints the same letters side by side unintentionally, then you should readjust the print heads via the control panel of your printer.

  1. Press the ‘Windows-W’ keys to launch the Settings window, and then input the ‘printers’ into the search bar.
  2. Choose the ‘Devices and Printers’ option from the results, and then click the device right side under the Printers and Faxes section.
  3. From the context menu, choose the ‘Printing Preferences,’ followed by the ‘Maintenance’ tab.
  4. Click the ‘Print Head Alignment’ option and then the ‘Align Print Head’ to verify. Now, your Canon printer aligns the printheads properly.
  1. Print Not Clear or Satisfactory

 If the printed result isn’t clear because of white streaks, rough colors, misaligned lines, then check the paper and the print quality settings. Normally a faded printout is the cause of one of three conditions, including the print density is set very low, low or empty ink cartridges or Economode printing enabled. If it’s turned on, and your printed page is very light, then turn it off and set the print density high. If the toner is low, just remove the cartridge and shake it to rearrange the ink to find a temporary resolution of the problem until you replace it.

If your Canon printer claims that there is still an issue after going through the solutions given above, then it may have a hardware related problem that is sourcing the issues. To find the exact cause of the printer issues, you can consult with experts by dialing Canon printer support number and fix the problems instantly.